The University of Texas at Dallas

Nano & Beyond Lab

Nanopore-based Sequencing of Biomolecules

This project focuses on several experimental platforms of investigating DNA using nano-technological methods. In particular, we study the dynamics of dsDNA unwinding by in-situ liquid cell TEM imaging, and build Graphene nanopore-based DNA sequencing devices by precisely controlling nanopore size and employing appropriate DNA translocation ratcheting approaches. Our nanopore graphene devices can be utilized for high throughput DNA sequencing with only small amounts of DNA. This technology will open a whole new era of Genomics by enabling a large database of genetic maps due to the extremely efficient, cost effective DNA sequencing of a large number of people. In addition, efficient sequencing allows for the economic diagnosis of genetic diseases and the acceleration of research in related biomedical areas.

Shrinkage of nanopores in a graphene sheet at 400ÂșC. Sequential TEM images of nanopores with initial diameter of ~2.3 nm (a-c) and ~9 nm (d-f).