The University of Texas at Dallas

Nano & Beyond Lab

In-situ TEM Study of Electrochemical and Biological systems
Thermal: Cryogenic to 1,200ºC

Atomic structure and compositional analysis of Pd-Rh core-frame nanocubes at room temperature (a-c) and at 500 °C after annealing 60 min (d-f): (a), (d) HAADF-STEM images; (b), (e) atomic resolution HAADF-STEM images of the regions marked in (a) and (d), respectively; (c), (f) EDS mapping together with corresponding HAADF-STEM images of individual Pd-Rh nanocubes (red=Pd, green=Rh).
Environment: Liquid cell
Electrical: STM-TEM

Series of TEM images for reversible switching of P-RAM device. Programmed pulses were applied to amorphize and crystallize the GST cell. The height and cooling speed of pulses for amorphization are 2.0–2.4 V (low current state) and 10 ns, respectively. For crystallization, a pulse with 1.8–2.0V (high current state) and 600 ns was applied.
Mechanical: AFM-TEM, Nano-indentation
3D tomography