The University of Texas at Dallas

Nano & Beyond Lab

Fabrication of 3D Nanostructures for Nano-Robots

Texas Nano Flag: A 3D Texas nano flag is standing in the middle of Texas map which is pattern by FIB milling on the edge of silicon wafer. The lone star and upper stripe were deposited with platinum. The dimension of the Texas flag is about 5×3 micron with ~750 nm thickness.

US Nano Flag: A US flag is on the platinum star on the silicon wafer. Stars and stripes can be observe from backside because the flag is extremely thin like ~35 nm.

Nano Flag on Actuator: The flags on tapping mode AFM tip can be waved up and down. The flag pole for the US flag is an individual multiwall CNT, and the other flag is inserted in a hole for security.

Nano Formula One

Christmas Tree and Sleigh: 3D structure by FIB with gas injection systems and assembly with nano manipulator

Nano Flight: (Joint Strike Fighter: F35)

Nano Medicine: the diameter of a polystyrene microsphere is 100 nm

Nano Motor (Rotated by Electrostatic Force); Diameter of rotor: 10 um