The University of Texas at Dallas

Nano & Beyond Lab

2013 Publications

“Luminescent LaF3:Ce-doped organically modified nanoporous silica xerogels,” M. Yao, R. Hall, W. Chen, D. P. Mohite, N. Leventis, N. Lu, J. Wang, M.J. Kim, H. Luo and H. Lu, J. Appl. Phys113, 013111 (2013).

“Three-dimensional observation of TiO2 nanostructures by electron tomography,” Y.J. Suh, N. Lu, S.Y. Park, T.H. Lee, S.H. Lee, D.K. Cha, M.G. Lee, J. Huang, S.S. Kim, B.Y. Sohn, J. Kim and M.J. Kim, Micron 46, 35-42 (2013).

“Non-invasive in-situ plasma monitoring of reactive gases using the floating harmonic method for inductively coupled plasma etching application,” J.H. Lee, Y.S. Yoon and M.J. Kim, Rev. Sci. Instrum84, 043502 (2013).

“One-pot formation of multifunctional Pt-conducting polymer intercalated nanostructures,” Y. Liu, N. Lu, S. Poyraz, X. Wang, Y. Yu, J. Scott, J. Smith, M.J. Kim and X. Zhang, Nanoscale 5, 3872-3879 (2013).

“On the role of surface diffusion in determining the shape or morphology of noble-metal nanocrystals,” X. Xia, S. Xie, M. Liu, H. Peng, N. Lu, J.G. Wang, M.J. Kim and Y. Xia, PNAS 110, 6669-6673 (2013).

“Synthesis and Characterization of 9-nm Pt-Ni Octahedra with a Record High Activity of 3.3 A/mgPt for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction,” S. Choi, S. Xie, M. Shao, J. Odell, N. Lu, H-C Peng, L. Protsailo, S. Guerrero, J. Park, X. Xia, J. Wang, M.J. Kim and Y. Xia, Nano Lett13, 3420-3425 (2013).

“Structure and Composition Analysis of Core-Shell Structure Bimetallic Concave Nanocubes by Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy,” N. Lu, J. Wang, S. Xie, G. He, Y. Xia and M.J. Kim, Microsc. Microanal19 (Suppl 2), 1452-1453 (2013).

“New intrinsic mechanism on gum-like superelasticity of multifunctional alloys,” J. Liu, Y. Wang, Y. Hao, Y. Wang, Z. Nie, D. Wang, Y. Ren, Z. Lu, J. Wang, H. Wang, X. Hui, N. Lu, M.J. Kim and R. Yang, Sci. Reports 3: 2156, doi:10.1038/srep02156 (2013).

“Facile synthesis of palladium right bipyramids and their use as seeds for overgrowth and as catalysts for formic acid oxidation,” X. Xia, S. Choi, J. Herron, N. Lu, J Scaranto, H. Peng, J. Wang, M. Mavrikakis, M.J. Kim and Y. Xia, J. Amer. Ceram. Soc135, 15706-15709 (2013).

“Facile synthesis of Pd-Ir bimetallic octapods and nanocages through galvanic replacement and co-reduction, and their use for hydrazine decomposition,” M. Liu, Y. Zheng, S. Xie, N. Li, N. Lu, J. Wang, M.J. Kim, L. Guo and Y. Xia, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.  15, 11822-9 (2013).

“Enhanced thermal stability of Pd-Rh core–frame nanocubes: in-situ heating transmission electron microscopy,” N. Lu, J.G. Wang, S. Xie, Y. Xia and M.J. Kim, Chem. Comm49, 11806-11808 (2013).

“Confining the Nucleation and Overgrowth of Rh to the {111} Facets of Pd Nanocrystal Seeds: The Roles of Capping Agent and Surface Diffusion,” S. Xie, H. Peng, N. Lu, J.G. Wang, M.J. Kim, Z. Xie and Y. Xia, J. Amer. Chem. Soc135, 16658-16667 (2013).

“Rapid Selective Etching of PMMA Residues from Transferred Graphene by Carbon Dioxide,” C. Gong, H.C. Floresca, D. Hinojos, S. McDonnell, X. Qin, Y. Hao, S. Jandhyala, G. Mordi, J. Kim, L. Colombo, R. Ruoff, M.J. Kim, K.J. Cho, R.M. Wallace, Y. Chabal, J. Phys. Chem. C113, 23000-23008 (2013).

“HfO2 on MoS2 by atomic layer deposition:  Adsorption mechanisms and thickness scability,” S. McDonnell, B. Brennan, A. Azcatl, N. Lu, H. Dong, C. Buie, J. Kim, C. Hinkle, M.J. Kim and R.M. Wallace, ACS Nano7(11), 10354-10361 (2013).

“Creating a single twin boundary between two CdTe (111) wafers with controlled rotation angle by wafer bonding,” C. Sun, N. Lu, J. Wang, J. Lee, X. Peng and M.J. Kim, Appl. Phys. Lett103, 252104 (2013).