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Nano & Beyond Lab

Moon Kim

Moon Kim

Louis Beecherl, Jr., Distinguished Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Arts & Technology
Fellow of Microscopy Society of America
Phone: 972-883-6635
Office: RL 4.408

Research Summary

Prof. Moon Kim’s current research focuses on heterogeneous materials integration by wafer bonding, fabrication and characterization of various functional nanostructures for applications in nano-electronics, power electronics, energy, electrochemical and bio-devices, and interactive motion capture and virtual reality (VR) programs for education and culture.

Research Projects
  • GaN on Si by wafer bonding for high power devices
  • GaN/Si: Characterization of growth defects and interfaces
  • Heterogeneous Integration for Nano-Photonics
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Nano for Students
  • Interactive Motion Capture Programs
  • How grain boundaries affect the efficiency of poly-CdTe solar-cells
  • Development of TEM analysis system for 10 nm-node devices
  • Atomic scale characterization of TI, TMD and graphene-based devices, Southwest Academy of Nanoelectronics (SWAN 2.0)
  • Aberration-corrected microscopy of 2D materials and devices, Center for low energy systems technology (LEAST)
  • Development of nano 3D Printing technology
  • Nanopore-based Sequencing of Biomolecules
  • New generation of high thermal conductive composite materials
  • In-situ study of electrochemical and biological systems
  • Fabrication of 3D nanostructures for Nano-Robots
  • Nano-Characterization of Low Dimensional Materials